January 12, 2021

Microsoft Teams is getting a new feature — and Zoom should be worried

Brittany Vincent| Tom’s Guide | January 10, 2021

Time 2-3 minute read

Microsoft Teams has many features, including chatting with office members, making phone calls, and organizing your calendar. For corporate users, it syncs with Outlook. However, there is also a video conferencing feature in this software that has been competing for market share with Zoom. In an attempt to continue to increase their market share, Teams has added a “Dynamic View” option that will let you organize whom you want to see during a presentation and where you want to see them. Teams offer a feature-packed video conferencing solution that works seamlessly with existing Microsoft 365 products. If your Kansas Bank already utilizes Teams but requires more training, please contact us for training designed specifically for your bank. If your Kansas bank is interested in how Teams would work for your business, please contact us to share more information with you.


January 8, 2021

12 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2021 Every Organization Must Consider

Remesh Ramachandran| Entrepreneur | January 4, 2021

Time 5-7 minute read

One thing that 2020 gave us that may not have been touted as much as other news is the incredible rise of cybersecurity attacks on institutions in every business sector in the United States. That includes the financial industry. It’s been shown that banks have had to increase their spending to protect their sensitive data. According to this article, it is predicted that this trend will only continue in 2021 and is expected to grow at least until 2024. The finance sector is one of the four industries predicted to see the fastest growth this year. As IT security becomes more of a challenge in the future, we want to help your Kansas bank stay protected against threats inside and outside your institution. Please contact us for help keeping your data and customers safe.


January 4, 2021

Five banking scams to watch out for in 2021

Chiara Cavaglieri | Which? | December 30, 2020

Time 6-7 minute read

As we begin a new year, there is a common hope of better things coming to those who have experienced a tough year. Many banks around the world suffered more cybersecurity attacks than they have ever experienced before. Many of those attacks came as scammers tricked many by taking advantage of the COVID epidemic. What are some of the scams that banks may have to face in 2021? Read this article to see some of the predicted future attacks banks may see in the coming year. We hope that all Kansas banks keep their customer's information safe, and we can help you do that. For more information, please contact us to harden your bank's security in 2021.


December 24, 2020

FDIC Releases New 2020 Community Banking Study

FDIC | December 16, 2020

Time 20-45 minute read

The FDIC has released a new report on a study it conducted on community banking in 2020. There is a technology section to this report that sheds light on some of the trends and thoughts that community banks have regarding technology adoption. Many community banks of similar asset sizes may hold the same or similar views regarding technology adoption. According to one of the infographics, cost was the number 1 factor in adopting new technology for banks. It also covers the number of banks that host their own technology vs. outsourcing it.


December 18, 2020

FDIC, OCC proposal would give banks 36 hours to report cyberattacks

Dan Ennis | Banking Dive | December 16, 2020

Time 4-5 minute read

As the article states, a new rule that is being proposed by the FDIC and OCC would required banks to notify regulators within 36 hours of a breach as well as notify customers of any service outages of four hours or more. One of the more interesting statistics in this article is that the first five months of 2020 saw a 238% increase in attacks against financial institutions. Of course, there are attacks against big companies like Capital One as well as bank vendors such as Amazon Web Services, but these are the big names in the industry. Many attacks against small banks in Kansas never make the news, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Be sure your bank is protected and prepared for an incident like this. Contact us for more information.

December 15, 2020

Providing Employees With the Right Technology, Security and Experience Are Key To Successful Remote Working

Ross Chippendale | Global Banking and Finance | December 14, 2020

Time 5-6 minute read

There are so many things to consider when having your employees work from home. One of the most important considerations should be security. Statistic after statistic shows that as businesses and especially banks have moved to allow employees to work from home, security gaps were allowed to occur, and employees were more likely to click on that email containing ransomware or malware. It also relies on an employees' home network, which is often less secure than your bank's network. This article states that 58% of employees are confident that their employer needs to provide better tools to work remotely. Maybe one of those tools available to your employees working from home is better IT support and security. If you are a Kansas bank looking to strengthen your work from home environment, please contact us for more information.

December 10, 2020

One In Ten Financial Organisations Take Over A Month To Fully Recover From A Ransomware Attack, Finds Veritas Technologies Survey

Global Banking & Finance Review | December 10, 2020

Time 3-4 minute read

In this article, some new statistics about ransomware in the banking industry are uncovered, which seem shocking. The report states that 22% of banks admit to paying a full ransom after an attack. The word that stuck out in that sentence was “admit.” The thought of how many banks are concealing their ransomware attack, especially when many of them can be prevented with a change in bank policies. Smaller banks in small towns may think they aren’t targets for these types of attacks, but that has just proven wrong time after time. Smaller banks are sought after by hackers because hackers believe they may have less technology protecting their banks. Keep your Kansas bank safe from hackers. If you need help doing that, then please contact us for more information.

December 8, 2020

Fresh Spear-Phishing Email Spoofs Microsoft Domain

Prajeet Nair | Bank Info Security | December 8, 2020

Time 5-7 minute read

According to this article, hackers have found a way to spoof Microsoft.com in emails to send phishing emails to unbonded individuals. As the report states, typically, email systems can separate emails that are part of phishing campaigns because they aren’t sending emails from a legitimate source. However, this example is different. Be on the lookout for messages similar to the one shown in this article, as it could be part of a campaign to steal your username and passwords. Our best suggestion would be to ensure your accounts aren’t compromised is to use multifactor authentication. For other tips and help, if you feel your passwords have been compromised, please contact us.


December 4, 2020

Experian Experts Predict COVID-Related Scams to Continue Into 2021

Sandra Bernardo| Experian| December 2, 2020

Time 5-6 minute read

While many people have their opinions about 2020, it looks like some things we hope to go away will continue to 2021. COVID-19 related scams will continue after starting a new year, especially as new vaccines become available and some await their turn. While this article gives many tips on an individual level of what you can do to prevent becoming a fraud victim, it doesn't detail what businesses can do to protect themselves from these hoaxes. It takes one user in a bank to unknowingly click on an email containing malware or ransomware, thus leaving your bank's information available to those on the dark web for sale to the highest bidder. To ensure your Kansas bank is protected from these types of threats, please contact us so we can help.


December 1, 2020

How COVID-19 is driving consumers and banks to embrace digital technology

Criteo | November 30, 2020

Time 5-6 minute read

With statistics in this article stating, 43% of respondents saying that the way they bank has changed due to COVID-19. You have to wonder if small banks in Kansas have had to make this change as well. The answer is yes. Many small-town banks in Kansas have also had to change how they do business to protect their employees and customers by giving them options that technology can create. With the increased offerings from banks for employees and customers, risk also increases as well. Ensuring employees are accessing bank resources using secure and protected networks at home and making sure customers don't fall for fraudsters trying to take advantage of this situation should still be of vital importance to safeguard your bank's records. Please take a look at this article for more information and contact us for more ways to protect your valuable data.



November 24, 2020

Updated Trickbot Malware Is More Resilient

Doug Olenick | Bank Info Security | November 24, 2020

Time 5-6 minute read

As covered previously, Microsoft was a part of a massive takedown of bad guys using trick bots to infect computers worldwide. Since this went down, bad guys have created a new strain of the trickbot that is more resilient, according to this article.  Microsoft and others knew this would be a likely outcome. Still, because of election season, they decided to go for it to protect voting equipment. However, voting equipment are not the only computers that can be affected by these trickbots. Your bank's computers can be infected with this as well. Sometimes your bank infrastructure can be infected without you even knowing it. If you are a Kansas bank and want us to help you make sure you're protected, please contact us for more information.